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[Not Sure Yet]: A Tangled Web

I finally wrote something new. Now, normally in the place of the [Not Sure Yet] there would be some sort of tag to blatantly say what kind of prose I’m posting.

Like on my old blog, the title for a post read:

Short Story: A Little Too Late

and on the drabble I posted on here almost a week ago:

Drabble: Eat Basketball

But for this one, I’m not sure what I want it to classify it as. It can’t be a short story since it is not a complete story with a beginning, middle and end. It does have a plot to it, but the loose ends it creates could only be tied up in a novella or novel. Yet I can’t say it’s a novel excerpt because I don’t know whether I want to turn it into a novel yet.

Whatever. I’ll just let you guys read it already -_-


    “You seem worked up about something,” Gabriel says.

    Gabe’s words nearly glossed by my ears and went unnoticed. I looked up from my Physics notebok and looked him in the eyes.

    “What makes you say that?” I asked.

    “Have you looked at your notebook recently?” he asks sarcastically.

    I looked down at the doodle I had drawn while our teacher had been lecturing us. The only thing I’d written down for notes was a sentence that was seemingly irrelevant to the subject of the notes, and then I absentmindedly drew a picture of Trinity Grey falling off a cliff. I smiled to myself as I read the caption of the doodle.

    Die Trinity, Die!

    “No harm no foul,” I said to Gabe.

    “You might want to close your notebook, and fast. The principal just walked in.”

    I flipped back a few pages to some notes on some sort of mathematical equations and skimmed over them. I recognized them easily as the equations for calculating current, voltage, and resistance.


    I didn’t need anymore skimming, as I’d memorized this to death. To calculate current, you divide the voltage by the resistance. Gosh who didn’t know that? Evidently three-quarters of the class. Wait, they know that. What they don’t know is how to calculate current in series and parallel circuits. That’s painfully easy for me. They say they don’t get it, but I don’t understand what’s not to get.

    The bell rings and I flee the physics classroom, like I have somewhere to be. Economics isn’t exactly to most enthralling thing in the world. The only thing I’ll see is Peter talking to perfect little miss Trinity Grey, and make myself ticked off for the rest of the day.

    Peter McPherson is talking to Charity Grey. Trinity’s equally as bratty little sister.

    “Is your sister sick?” Peter asks, concern written across his face.

    “No,” she said. She looked like she was in a hangover.

    “Where is she then?” he asks.

    “You tell us,” Charity snapped. “We haven’t seen her since dinner. She said she was running your sweatshirt back to you!”

    “She didn’t visit me last night,” Peter said, looking more concerned than before.

    “If she doesn’t come home soon then my parents are going to file a missing person’s report,” she replied, in a warning tone.

    “I swear Charity, I haven’t seen her,” he replied.

    His ice-blue glacier eyes were sparkling. He glanced over to me, and our eyes happened to meet. My heart skipped a beat and I looked away.

    “I believe you,” she said.

    Her tone was as sickening and sweet as a character in a romance movie. She was in love with her older sister’s boyfriend? What if Trinity found out? Then, Trinity would blame Peter for cheating on her, and then she’d dump his sorry butt. And then Chastity would be embarrassed, and Peter would no longer be associated with either of the Grey’s.

    I was getting ahead of myself. Peter turned around and headed towards his next class, wherever that may be. I saw him stop at the drinking fountain and drink for a few seconds. He continued down the hallway.

    Trinity could have ran away. She could have been abducted or kidnapped. She could have been raped, murdered, and then buried in a shallow grave. There are too many possibilities.

    Yet Peter seems unconcerned.


Like I said, that totally has novel potential. I would love to do more with this. I myself am wondering what happened to Trinity Grey. I am drafting my ideas right now.

Oh, and for those of you who know me I.R.L. :

This is not directly based on anything really happening to me in real life, besides the mention of current, resistance, volts, and series and parallel circuits because that is really what I’m going over in Physics. Yes, Peter and Gabriel are based on real people, but I’m not saying who because it really doesn’t matter. 

Well, by later I will update you with what I decide to do.

Drabble: Eat Basketball

There’s a guy. I was mad at him. Here’s the result.


A basketball bounces towards me. Peter McPherson is practicing. There must be absolutely nothing going through his mind. It must feel nice. However, I cannot play basketball for the life of me. Without thinking, I pick up the basketball. Anger pulsates through me, and I can barely control my thoughts. Actions too.

"EAT BASKETBALL!" I yell before chucking the baskeball.

The basketball bounces off his face, and knocks him onto the ground. I can hear him moaning in pain. When he sits up, I watch blood drip from his nose.

I walk away with satisfaction.


Not that I terrorize people’s faces with basketballs, but I was thinking about it all day long. This was hard to write.

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